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Program and Program Standards

A Note From the Deputy


Programs are the "how" of Scouting. We use our programs -- Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture  Scouts and Rover Scouts -- as the vehicle to train a new generation of youth to be leaders, citizens and well-rounded individuals.*

 I'm Larry Beitel, and I am the Deputy on the Fraser Valley Council responsible for Programs.  I have the honor to sit on the National Program Committee representing the Fraser Valley Council.  Here we help develop new programs and/or bring forward recommendations for changes to the existing Scouting program in Canada.  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any program suggestions.  

We are in the process of field-testing a new Beaver Scout program.  Stay tuned for further information.  The Environment Badge is close to being unveiled for all sections.  The "Survivorman Challenge" is now available for Venturer Scout and Rover Scout youth.

Make sure to read below how we are using the Program Quality Standards and Awards to ensure that our members receive the best experience that our programs deliver. As you answer the questions, it will help you gage the strengths/weakness of your program.

*By the way, we also offer a number of short term program through the school system -- Schools Out, ScoutsAbout, and Schools & Scouting -- all of which are coordinated through Jim Bryce, Deputy Council Commissioner for Short Term Programs.


Program Standards & the Quality Program Award


Scouts Canada’s programs are designed to deliver fun, challenging, outdoor programs to youth of all ages. To ensure that all members receive quality Scouting programs, as well as ample opportunities to develop themselves, the following Program Standards have been established for each Scouting section.

Leaders can use the Program Standards to plan and conduct excellent Scouting programs. It’s a quick reference to make sure that they are covering all aspects of the program. Scouts Canada believes that by using program standards, youth receive a better program and stay involved in Scouting longer.  In addition, it’s an opportunity for parents to see at a glance the exciting program that their children will be receiving. 

The Program Quality Award will recognize sections that meet all the objectives which are laid out in the Program Standards. This award will be presented annually to those sections which meet all the requirements of the program objectives; ensuring that they are meeting all program targets and have trained and accomplished leaders delivering strong, balanced programs to Scouting’s youth members.

By ensuring quality factors for our programs such as: number of outings; number of camping opportunities; accepting youth input; and community service activities, means every youth will receive excellent Scouting programs filled with opportunities to help them develop as individuals.

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Core Membership Programs

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Schools Out Program

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ScoutsABOUT Program

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Schools & Scouting Program

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Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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