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Scouting Skills is being has been postponed until 2016. Watch for more information coming next fall.

The courses will open to all registered Scouters, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Guiders and Rangers.
Ranger & Venturer members must have appropriate paperwork completed for camp.

Spring Break is fast approaching so the time is NOW to register for JOTT! Why you might ask? Well past experience has shown that it is the early bird that gets the worm and JOTT registration is no exception. Last year we had an overwhelming 500+ Scouting members wanting to experience this World Wide Event. As well, it is nearly impossible to get your information and monies together once Spring Break arrives. Many Leaders, Families, Group Committee and most importantly, Treasurers are away.

Download the attachment for more information.

Just a reminder that the first deadline for any Chief Scout's Award applications is rapidly approaching. As stated in the Scout Handbook, the Chief Scout’s Award is presented when the Scout has completed all the requirements listed in the Scout Handbook as judged by the Court of Honour or their fellow Scouts, the Troop Scouter (Skip) and Patrol Counsellors. While the decision whether a Scout has earned their Chief Scout Award rests with their Troop and the Scouters it is prudent to have somebody else review the submission for completeness and make recommendations/suggestions regarding their application, hence the ‘Application Review’. Following are some important dates and information regarding submissions:

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